Two women sitting at sketch in London having tea both on their phones. They both have brown hair. One is wearing a black leather jacket & striped top while the other is wearing a plaid blazer wearing glasses.

Spring cleaning: deleting iPhone apps

Jan 10, 2020

You won’t believe what we found in our phones!!

In our latest podcast episode, Alison & Delia go through their phones to look at their apps. Do you use all the apps you have on your phone? Some of them we’d never heard of, & aren’t sure how they got there! We talk about technology issues, & think you’ll find the parent/child technology dynamic relatable!

Do you use only 20% of the apps on your phone & the other 80% you rarely look at or open? We feel you! Sometimes we download an app with all intentions of using it, but never adopt it into our lifestyle. Learn which apps we love & which we think should be deleted. Enjoy!

Alison + Delia




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