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Yes You Can- Powering Up Your Next Act

Aug 20, 2023

There are so many things to consider as we hit 40 and beyond: How to dress for our age and unique personal style, care for our changing skin and hair, nurture and nourish our body, mind and spirit. The same holds true for women who chose to set aside their careers and become stay-at-home-moms (SAHM’s). It especially resonates this time of year as the kids head back to school because there’s another question waiting to be answered: What Do You Want To Do When Your Kids Grow Up? 

I am one of those moms and I realized there is a recurring theme here: Losing oneself in the craziness of life with kids. Missing adult conversation. Missing a clean shirt. Missing our former careers. Wondering if our skillset is relevant anymore. Wondering if we are relevant anymore?

But What If…everything you do as a SAHM prepares you for the next phase of your mom journey? What If…your mom brain has been developing skills and superpowers for years, honed by your time as a SAHM, that will confidently take you into your “what’s next” as you reinvent yourself and go on to your next phase of fabulousness.

There is a transformative power in motherhood that allows any mom to create new pathways in life. We forget how motivated and strong we are (Fact: There is nothing a mom can’t do) and sometimes we just need that loving kick in the pants to have the courage to return to a previous career, revisit a hobby or passion we set aside, or chart an entirely new path.

Is it scary? You bet. Will there be hiccups? Absolutely.

But consider this short list of skills moms have already accomplished: Ace Negotiator. Conflict Resolution Guru. Home Organizer. Family Nutritionist & Chef. Travel Agent. Event & Party Planner. Too-many-to-count volunteer and leadership roles. Fundraiser. Crisis Management. Dr. Mom. Mental Health Advocate. Family Concierge. And many more. There are industries waiting to welcome someone with a diverse skillset and small businesses waiting to be born. 

The important thing is don’t let others tell you it can’t be done. Don’t let others suggest you are too old to try something new (just ask Michelle Yeoh). Expect a few detours, but haven’t we all taught our kids that adversity builds strength and that you can navigate around any detour to continue on your journey? Yes. You. Can. 

Equally important to the inner-work of believing you are relevant and have gifts, talents and skills that can guide you into your next act at any age, is the outer-work of your visual brand (aka: fashion) that emanates the confidence you carry within. 

Just as we celebrate life over 40, 50 or 60, let’s recognize our accomplishments, pursue our “MORE” and know there’s a long road in front of us to create something extraordinary. 

Sharon Macey is the host of the Mom To MORE™ Podcast, author of the Mom To MORE™ Guide and a content creator. 

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