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Will DENIM be big for spring 2021?

Jan 31, 2021

Yes! It’s time to step it up from your trusty sweats! As we come out of our forced hibernation, reaching for the perfect jean can create that French girl attitude- the “I woke up like this” look!

What styles will be big this season?

  • 1.Vintage-inspired, high-waisted straight (not super skinny) jeans will continue to be THE look for the fashion crowd. 
  • 2. Bootcut jeans are “in”, and create an elongated leg, you know that “legs for miles” look? This is it!
  • 3. Distressed denim is still a “thing”, so if you like it, now is the time to wear it! Super casual it is, but can be dressed up with a heel and a tucked in spring sweater; that’s the way The Style team will wear it.

Things to remember:

High-waisted jeans are not for everyone, even if you adore the look. If you have a large bust, or are short-waisted, this might not be the style for you. If you wear it, try a blousy top rather than a super fitted one. Also, avoid cropped versions and wear a heel. Mid rise works better, even low rise if you aren’t concerned with your tummy.

Super skinny jeans are not in right now. In our opinion, they should only be wore by someone with a boyish figure, otherwise it is difficult to create a balanced look. If you love skinny jeans but are curvy, this issue can be fixed by tucking the jean into a tall boot, or wearing a chunky shoe, sneaker or bootie. You are trying to avoid the “V” -wide at waist and hip and super small at ankle (this is why you won’t see Alison wearing skinny jeans unless they are tucked in boots!).

Finding the perfect jean for you is like trying on bathing suits….ugh! Know going in that:

  • 1. It will take trying on multiple pairs
  • 2. It will be worth the struggle, because jeans are always a “hero” part of the core wardrobe- you will wear them often!
  • 3.When you find a brand you love, make note of the style, brand name and size to refer to later…super important!

NOTE: Order white jeans and cut off jean shorts early, they always sell out! 

STYLIST TIP: When ordering white jeans, we recommend going one size up, or order two sizes- your regular go-to size, and one size up to compare! White jeans shouldn’t be worn super tight for the best look.

Below is a shoppable selection of some of our current favorite jeans:

The Style That Binds Us




  1. Lisa says:

    I have a curvy shape and I would love to see comparison pics of Alison wearing her go-to type jeans (I think she favors a slight flair from previous posts?), skinny jeans with a chunky shoe, and skinny jeans tucked in boots. Sorry, I’m a visual learner. Maybe even just an Insta Story? I follow y’all there.

    • Delia Folk says:

      Hey Lisa! We are so glad that you reached out. We will definitely post this on @thestylethatbindsus and/or @alisonbruhn Instagram. Thank you for the question!

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