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What to wear in San Francisco

Mar 17, 2019

Why Did The Style That Binds Us (TSTBU) Go Bicoastal?

In this week’s video, we were invited by the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute to a very special cocktail party, entitled “Fashion X Tech”.  When we saw the list of hosts, we knew we had to travel to San Francisco to attend!

Our highly esteemed hosts were the head curator for the Costume Institute, the brilliant Andrew Bolton, who held court in his usual gentlemanly, elegant way, alongside the uber stylish Eva Chen (Director of Fashion Partnerships for Instagram), gorgeous Selby Drummond (Head of Fashion and Beauty Partnerships for Snapchat) and the ever-charming Derek Blasberg (Head of Beauty and Fashion Partnerships for YouTube). Now you’re beginning to get it, right?

We enjoyed every minute of the event (yes, we were almost the last to leave!), and made many connections along the way. Being with old friends, as well as new was wonderful. We also gained  much knowledge about how to better use tech to build our community.

What’s The Style That Binds Us all about?

Our goal is always to be a source of information and inspiration to you for all things fashion, beauty, travel, food and art, all under the lens of Style. This event touched on all of those categories in numerous ways! 

Besides the main event, we share places to eat, museums to visit, and SF (never call it San Fran….only tourists do that!) landmarks, as well as ideas for stops in Napa, just a hop, skip and a jump from San Francisco itself. Enjoy!!

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