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What to do about thinning hair

Nov 16, 2022

A Celebrating Life After 40 episode with Camille Barreto from ME Cosmetics

We are excited to have Camille Barreto as our guest on the latest episode of The Style That Binds Us podcast. This is an episode that will resonate with so many women, and actually not just women as they get older, but women at any age who might be experiencing hair loss. After suffering from hair loss for years herself, Camille was on a mission to create a product that could help transform self consciousness into self confidence. In 2021 her dream came true with the launch of ME Cosmetics. She created an entirely new category in the beauty space with “Can’t Stop Me Now” scalp foundation. She has already received the Best Breakthrough Beauty Start Up at the Glossy awards, and was also a winner at the Beauty Independent Beacon Awards. She has been featured in Us magazine, Real Simple, and more. *Use code THESTYLE for 25% off on their website. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Here’s a video tutorial for how to apply ME Cosmetics

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