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What style earring should you wear for your face shape?

Jan 17, 2022

Did you know your face shape makes a difference when it comes to choosing the right earring style and size for your face? It’s true! Following these simple rules will save you time and money when shopping, and will guide you in choosing the perfect earring for your beautiful face. *Below you’ll find examples of various face shapes which can serve as a visual example of which earring style works better. You’ll also find a shoppable selection of earrings we curated for you by face shape!*

Round or square face

If you have a round or square face (this simply means that the length and the width of your face are the same), earrings that add length rather than width are the best choice for you. Watch this video for more details.

Image credit: (Left) Getty Images, (Right) Shane McCauley – Selena Gomez: when you have a round face, wear an earring that doesn’t add width. Stay away from the stud or any earrings that add width to your face; look for dangling earrings instead
The model has a square face that these earrings accentuate
Wide Face – Keira Knightley – the dangling earring creates length & works better for her; the earrings on the right add width to her face; Image credit: (Left) Axelle/Bauer-Griffin (Right) Getty Images

Oblong/narrow face

If you have an oblong/narrow face (decidedly longer length than width) steer clear of long dangling styles, which will only accentuate the “long-ness” of your face, choose styles instead that add a little width, creating a softer look. Many narrow faces have smaller, angular features, which can come across as slightly severe, the goal here is to create balance and add a little fullness, which sends a message to the person looking at you that you are approachable and friendly (this maybe T.M.I., delving into the science behind dressing- how what you wear sends nonverbal messages, but it is what I studied before becoming a NYC wardrobe stylist and find so fascinating!). Watch this video for more details.

Christy Turlington has a narrow face – the earrings on the right make her face look too long, so the earrings on the left create more balance; Image credit: (Left) Getty Images (Right) Harper’s Bazaar
Jennifer Garner – The width of the earring works well rather than a long dangling earring because of her narrow face; Image credit: Getty Images

Heart-shaped or triangular face

If you have a heart-shaped or triangular face, your forehead is much wider than the width across your chin. To create balance, try earrings that add width near chin or below (think chandelier style etc.) Studs and wide short earrings bring attention to the forehead. Watch this video for more information.

Scarlett Johansson
Heart-shaped face – These earrings on Scarlett Johansson create balance & take emphasis away from her forehead; Image credit: (Left) Rex (Right) David Fisher

Oval or diamond face

If you have an oval or diamond face, you can wear pretty much any earring shape. Keep in mind size- judge this by your hair and facial feature size. Use your eye size as a guide. For example, I have medium sized almond shaped eyes. I look for medium sized earrings that mirror that almond shape, which creates “visual harmony”! Very small, delicate earrings are beautiful, but may not show up at all if you have hair that covers them.

How to measure your face: take a measuring tape and measure forehead to chin, then across the face widest part to widest part, but don’t go all the way to the ear.

How To Measure Your Face

If you are interested in a more personalized explanation of how your face can be used a guide for so many aspects of dressing, or would like to learn how the science of dressing can empower your wardrobe choices to “tell your story” in the best possible way, you can reach out here.

Jourdan Dunn – the shape of these earrings work well with her features & they elongate her neck creating visual harmony; Image credit: Getty Images

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