Two women standing in front of a cab in London: one is wearing a black leather jacket over a black & white printed dress, the other wears a black and light blue top with black pants and a silver handbag

What if I don’t know my style type?

Nov 11, 2018

Can you describe your style type in a couple of words? A few of you will say, “Yes, of course!” For most of us, this is a challenge, because we often choose our outfits based on our mood or the occasion, and don’t want to be boxed in.

Sometimes we are feminine and flirty, other times, we want to be more “rocker chick” by wearing a leather motorcycle jacket and heels to conquer the world. If there is a black tie or cocktail event, we may want to look a bit sexier / glam and wear a dress that is more form-fitting. You may think that if you don’t have a specific look, then you have no style at all, which isn’t true!

We think of our style as femininity with a bite, but this is interpreted differently by Alison than by Delia. Dress intentionally for your mood and the occasion. We want you to look fabulous when you get dressed and show off our unique style personality.

You can take portions usually associated with one certain type (romantic, creative, boho chic, minimalist…you get the picture), and mix it up. Remember, the point to always to have fun with fashion!

The Style That Binds Us




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