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We were featured on the Living in a Material World podcast!

Jan 12, 2022

A huge thank you to David Pirrotta for having us on your podcast, Living in a Material World, to discuss how we empower women through fashion with The Style That Binds Us! We were honored to host David on The Style That Binds Us to discuss what’s next in beauty which you can listen to here if you missed it as well as an IGTV video where he tells us the latest & greatest in beauty. Listen to the episode here.

In this episode we answer questions such as:

  • What we’ve been up to recently 
  • Alison tell us about your styling services
  • Information on The Style That Binds Us 
  • How/why we started The Style That Binds Us 
  • What Alison’s styling clients are buying
  • First celebrity crush
  • Dawn or dusk
  • Biggest beauty mistake
  • Bath or shower
  • Worst fashion & beauty trend

The Style That Binds Us


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