Notecard with watercolor flowers

Watercolor Flower Notecard Tutorial with Hibiscus Linens | The Style That Binds Us Show

May 20, 2020

In our latest episode of The Style That Binds Us Show the founder of Hibiscus Linens, Mariana Barran Goodall, walks us through a DIY craft idea to stay connected while apart! This is the perfect activity, because not only are you doing something nice for someone else, you are creating something & being creative. I’m sure we are all tired of living our lives digitally, so what better than to paint & embroider a hand-written note for someone?! Use this as an opportunity to surprise and delight someone and tell them you are thankful they are in your life & how great they are!! Never forget the power of snail mail. There is truly nothing like a hand-written note. We hope you enjoy learning to create a DIY flower watercolor notecard and embroider it! Below are shoppable links in case you don’t have any of the materials!

The Style That Binds Us


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