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Oct 18, 2020

There are always brands and designers that go in and out of fashion. There are cult pieces like the Hermés Kelly and Birkin bags and the Fendi Baguette bag that are perpetual best sellers. What are a few of the pieces and brands that are showing up over and over again on the global waitlist this year in fashion and why? (P.S. you can click on the images to shop!)

1. Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta

Daniel Lee previously designed for the cult favorite Celine before taking over the helm at Bottega. Celine under Phoebe Philo was beloved by women around the globe. When Hedi Slimane took over from Phoebe Philo, people mourned the loss of her elegant, understated designs. When Daniel Lee took over Bottega, it wasn’t long before his style was heralded by fashion blogs and consumers as the second coming of Philo’s Celine. Lee’s tenure even inspired the creation of an Instagram account called @newbottega, a tribute to his designs that boasts over 100,000 followers, whose creator said she was inspired to create it specifically because of her nostalgia for the old Celine. The devotion in fashion circles to the brand under Lee has only grown over his tenure. The first “it” piece from his collection was the padded sandal, quickly followed by the “Pouch” bag (and “Chain Pouch” bag), and the “Padded Cassette” bag (and “Chain Cassette” bag) as seen below. This style is based on Lee’s modern interpretation of the classic woven pattern (intrecciato) so well known at the heritage house. 

Daniel Lee

2. Calle Del Mar

Aza Ziegler has created a Los Angeles based fashion label that specializes in knitwear. She draws inspiration from vintage athletic materials and effortless silhouettes. Her colorful and vibrant pieces are produced IN LIMITED RUNS in female owned and operated US factories. What’s not to love!?!

Aza Ziegler

3. Catherine Holstein, founder of Khaite 

Holstein has gained cult status because of her luxury take on casual, elegant pieces for everyday life. You will see her jeans, and her take on cardigans and sweaters on all the celebrities of the moment. Restricting access to products in this way is one of the few old-school luxury tactics that Holstein still believes in and Khaite has scaled back distribution on the bra. “[Being too available] is something you still have to keep your eye on, because part of luxury is inaccessibility,” she says. “The products have to be hard to get.”

Last August, actress Katie Holmes was photographed hailing a cab wearing a Khaite cashmere cardigan that fell off her shoulders to showcase the matching cashmere bra underneath. The image went viral, with searches for the $520 bra spiking by 217 per cent on Lyst. The piece, which Holmes had purchased herself, quickly went out of stock.

Catherine Holstein

4. Anthony Vacarello for Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Vaccarello’s vision for YSL—a mix of extravagant, couture-y flourishes and streetwise leathers and jeans—chimes perfectly with our current moment, which, fueled by the global reach and impact of social media, craves both the escapism of extreme high fashion and the unadorned realism of clothes for everyday life. I think these boots need no explanation as to why they sell out time and time again. His western boots are on every fashionista’s wish list! 

Anthony Vacarello

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