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The Ultimate Guide To French Girl Hair

Aug 7, 2022

What’s the secret to getting the effortlessly sexy, perfectly messy hair that all French women seem to have? Our Co-Founder, Delia Folk, got the inside scoop from her French hairstylist, Loic. If you’re looking to get French girl hair, head over to L’Appartment in Manhattan on 5th and 57th Street, & tell them we sent you! They’ll be able to craft a hairstyle that is perfect for you, which is what they did for both of our co-founders, & they’ve never looked back.

Delia was surprised when her hairstylist, Loic, suggested “fringe” aka bangs, but trusted his vision. He was going for a Brigitte Bardot style, so who would say no to that! The best part about the hairstyle he created for Delia is that it is meant to be messy, so you don’t have to constantly strive for perfection (ex. Anna Wintour’s perfectly coiffed bob). Because of the nature of the haircut, even the humidity and rain won’t ruin the look. Want to get bangs? Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to style curtain bangs that we made for you.

Delia was so surprised that hairspray wasn’t needed for her hairstyle. In the past, she would accidentally overdid it with hairspray thinking it was necessary to keep the curls intact, which resulted in the hairstyle being way too stiff. After curling her hair the way Loic taught her (here’s a tutorial video), all she has to do is run her fingers through her hair, style her bangs, & she’s out the door looking and feeling fabulous! The curling iron Loic recommend is easy to use once you get the hang of it, & creates beautiful curls/waves.

Delia’s Hair Routine

Hair Tutorial Videos

Delia Folk




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