The Truth About Beautycon

Sep 28, 2019

We went to Beautycon while we were in LA, and boy, was it an experience!! We wanted to tell you all about this fascinating company! 🙂

Have you heard of Beautycon?

The company was founded by Moj Mahdara, & it is an interesting new commerce/festival model. Over a couple of days in either Manhattan or Los Angeles, thousands of people attend this conference. It is incredible that they have been able to get SO many screaming fans to this event.

They have fantastic speakers including beauty founders and beauty YouTubers. In general admission, brands set up booths/pop-up shops & create experiences where customers can purchase their items usually with a small discount. You get to try product & learn about new product launches.

Is this for Instagram lovers?

Beautycon is perfect for all types of social media. There are LOTS of opportunities to create content.

What else can you get from attending?

It can be a great place to meet other beauty fanatics, and hopefully people make lots of new friends!

We can’t wait to take you inside Beautycon in this YouTube video!

Delia Folk




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