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The Style’s Guide To Wedding Season

Jun 6, 2022

Did you know there will be more weddings in 2022 then there have been since 1984? We know that it can be extremely difficult to figure out what to wear to weddings, especially if you have multiple coming up. On our latest episode of The Style That Binds Us podcast, Stylist, Alison Bruhn, and Delia Folk, decode dress codes for you so you’ll know exactly what to wear.

Alison & Delia break down outfit ideas based on what time the wedding will be held, who your bride is, the location and more. We’re answering Alison’s most frequently asked questions from her styling clients on what to wear to weddings in this episode. We hope you enjoy it! *If you have any questions or want to learn about Alison’s styling services, here’s a link to more information. Listen to this episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

What To Wear:

Here are some questions we answer in this episode:

  • What should guests be thinking about when deciding what to wear to a wedding?
  • How should you dress for a wedding based on the time of day the wedding will be held?
  • Will we be seeing more wedding guests wearing gloves?
  • Any fabrics or colors to avoid?
  • Can you wear a strapless dress?
  • Should you go for a more sexy look?
  • Should you rent a dress?
  • Does your look need to be toned down and more minimal? Or is it ok to go for a beautiful bold statement look?
  • Any tips for loving your look while keeping budget in mind?
  • & more…

The Style That Binds Us


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