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Sep 1, 2023

Welcome to the fall fashion issue! The fashion world starts fall with a bang kicking it off with Fashion Month. NYFW is fashion’s back-to-school moment, which feels like one big reunion after everyone returns from summer vacation. In the September fashion issue, you’ll discover the fall 2023 trends, meet an artisanal ice cream brand, an artist, an oral hygiene brand, hear from curators at MFA & Winterthur Museum, learn about American Friends of the Louvre, She Should Run & so much more*Our Mini Mag is shoppable – you can click on any of the images and all text that’s orange & underlined is clickable to learn more.

September, the ninth month of the year, marks the transition from summer to autumn. As the days gradually shorten, temperatures begin to cool, and leaves on trees transform into vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. It’s a month of change and renewal, with students returning to school and routines settling back into place after the summer break.  With fall beginning, so many events abound. Harvests of crops like apples and pumpkins begin, and the aroma of pumpkin spice fills the air. Overall, September embodies the essence of a shifting season, promising cozy moments and new beginnings, and with this comes a host of new collections, artists, restaurants, exhibits, both in NYC and other cities, to discover! 

There’s an undeniable thrill in cracking open the pages of a new book. The glossy cover, the crisp scent of fresh paper, and the uncharted adventure awaiting between each page create a sense of anticipation that’s hard to match. As you delve into the first chapter, there’s a sense of discovery, like stepping into a new world where characters come to life and stories unfold before your eyes. With each turn of the page, you become more entangled in the narrative, and time seems to slip away as you lose yourself in the author’s words. The excitement of reading a new book lies in the endless possibilities it offers, the chance to learn, escape, or simply be transported to another realm, all within the comfort of your own imagination. It’s a magical journey that only a book can provide. The problem is that it can seem impossible to find the book that evokes this emotion for you! Guess what? We have done the work for you, sharing what is currenting on our bedside tables and on our lists! 

Getting lost in a movie or television series is like embarking on an unexpected voyage into a different reality. As the lights dim and the screen flickers to life, you leave behind the harried, overwhelming world we are living in, and step into a realm crafted by filmmakers and storytellers. The opening scene is the portal, and with each passing moment, you venture further, captivated by the characters, their emotions, and the intricate plotlines. If it is the release of the new season of a TV series that you have been anticipating (that’s us!), it feels like welcoming back old friends. You laugh with the characters, cry with them, and feel the adrenaline of their adventures coursing through your veins. In this issue of The Style That Binds Us Mini Mag, we have chosen a few that you won’t want to miss, with subjects ranging from dance to historical fiction, comedy and beyond, we believe there is something in the September mini mag just for you (get the popcorn ready!). 

Our discussion about this transitional, transformative moment in fashion will have you well prepared for this autumn’s trends- who and what will everybody be wearing; which trends will resonate with you, etc.- you will find these answers and more inside. Fall fashion ushers in a change of wardrobes, as the weather cools and nature’s colors shift. It’s a season that embraces cozy and stylish layers. Earthy tones like rich Chocolate browns, Cobalt Blues, Dramatic Reds and Warm Oranges dominate the palette, mirroring the changing foliage. Sweaters, cardigans, and scarves become wardrobe staples, providing both warmth and style. Boots of various styles, from ankle to knee-high (and beyond), make a triumphant return, paired with jeans, dresses, or skirts. Accessories like statement belts and jewelry complete the look, adding a touch of individuality to each outfit. What are The Style That Binds Us editors coveting this season? Denim Maxi skirts with tall boots sit at the top of our list! 

Another item on the wishlist  is anything RED!

Stylist Tip: If you aren’t comfortable in head-to-toe red, why not try just a pop of color. A shoe, a bag, a jacket, can add glamour to any look. Our cofounder, Delia, who could be called “red obsessed”, received this jacket for her birthday! 

It’s not inexpensive, but it can be seen as an investment piece because it is super versatile; it can be worn very casually with a distressed jean and turtleneck, or with a skirt or nice pants for a more dressy look, can be worn, completely buttoned up or left open, and will certainly be a great asset to the wardrobe for the holidays! We call that a win-win situation!

 Autumn is a season that encourages self-expression through fashion while celebrating comfort and versatility, and is our FAVORITE fashion season of the year. 

Inside, you will also find the hottest spots to grab a cocktail, the restaurants where everyone is vying for a spot at the table, marketing advice for small businesses, how to run for office if that is something that interests you….. the list goes on. We have worked especially hard this month to bring you our September 2023 Mini Mag issue because we know you wouldn’t expect any less! 

One reader explained how she immediately goes to the restaurants listed in each month’s issue. She then heads to the current art exhibits listed and interviews with curators and artists behind the exhibits, and plans a day around going to both! Another person told us that she likes to travel vicariously to the different destinations found in the City Guide section each month, and then sends the guide to anyone she knows traveling to the locale soon. The people who write about the cities in the guide are people who actually live there, and you can’t ask for a better travel guide than that! This month, rather than include a specific city guide, we have interviews with curators of several important art exhibitions that are worth traveling to….. Boston anyone? 

There is definitely something for almost everyone included in The Style That Binds Us mini mag. Someone from the Central Park Conservancy stated recently that the Mini Mag is not very mini at all! By the way, if you missed our interview with the president of the Central Park Conservancy Women’s Committee, let us know, and we will send you that issue. Interested in knowing about how you can get free admission to the Louvre and skip the lines? Read on!

 The Style That Binds Us team had been advised to “stay in the fashion lane” for years, be known for one thing, but in truth, from its inception, the tagline for The Style That Binds Us has been “Culture Through The Lens Of Style.” People are not one dimensional, and neither is The Style That Binds Us.. In order to live a truly fulfilling life, we believe that one must find joy in a multitude of places, interests, objects, art, music, literature, decor and so on.

Art teaches us to see the world with fresh eyes, finding beauty in the mundane and celebrating the extraordinary. Art inspires and connects people across diverse backgrounds. It cultivates empathy, bridges divides, and forges connections between individuals and cultures.

One very special exhibit that is covered in this month’s mini mag focuses on the artist, John Singer Sargent. Sargent, the most celebrated American portrait artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was renowned for his masterful brushwork and exceptional talent in capturing the essence of his subjects. With a career spanning continents, Sargent’s portraits are marked by their exquisite detail and his ability to reveal the personality and inner life of his sitters. Madame X comes to mind. His works adorn the walls of prestigious museums and private collections worldwide, and his influence on portraiture endures. We interview the curator of this exhibit, “Fashioned by Sargent” who explain to us that this is the first exhibition ever to focus on the relationship between John Singer Sargent’s portraits and fashion. The clothes are so important in his paintings, it’s remarkable to think this is the first exhibit to address this. What part did he play in the choice of clothing worn and the portraits? What did story did the clothes tell about the people wearing them? For The Style That Binds Us team, this is a must-see exhibit. Fashion and art, and how they weave together to paint a story of the subject, what could be better? Hope to see you there! 

We are always fascinated by the people we interview for the Mini Mag, and for our podcast episodes. How do they find their creativity?  It’s common knowledge that the process involves exploration and self-discovery, but how do they go about that in their individual pursuits of writing a book, painting a painting, creating a sculpture or building a beauty brand or designer label, mini say they seek inspiration from various sources, such as art, nature, books, travel, popular culture. They try to surround themselves with a supportive community that values and nurtures their creative endeavors, but we love hearing how finding one’s voice can be different for each individual. It’s beyond fascinating to learn what makes a person who they are. There are so many millions of people in the world, and it is absolutely remarkable to think that there are no two people just alike.

We recently talked with Pattie Boyd on The Style That Binds Us podcast, and you can read about that in this month’s magazine issue. If you don’t know who she is, here is a little background. Pattie Boyd, born on March 17, 1944, is much more than a name; she’s a legendary figure who played a pivotal role in the world of music and art during the 1960s and 70s. With her ethereal beauty and magnetic presence, Boyd became an iconic muse for some of the greatest musicians of her time (actually of all time in our opinion!).Boyd’s journey into the world of fame and creativity began when she became a model in the swinging London of the 1960s. Her striking features and enigmatic allure quickly captured the attention of photographers and artists. However, it was her entrance into the world of music that would forever change her life. Her first marriage was to George Harrison, the lead guitarist of The Beatles, in 1966. Boyd’s presence in Harrison’s life was deeply influential, inspiring some of the band’s greatest hits, including “Something”. If you have a chance, go back and listen to that song, and then listen to our podcast. after the Beatles, she soon found herself at the heart of another musical revolution when she married Eric Clapton in 1979. Clapton’s love for Boyd was the inspiration behind his iconic ballads “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight”. Her impact on these musicians is immortalized in the lyrics and melodies that continue to resonate with audiences worldwide. What a life! How many times have we all heard those songs? What would it be like to have George Harrison or Eric Clapton? Not only write a song for you but sing it to you?! Incredible! 

Beyond her role as a muse, Boyd’s own artistic talents began to shine. She explored photography, capturing intimate moments with music legends and providing a unique window into the rock ‘n’ roll world. Her photographs have since become treasured relics of that era, offering an insider’s view of an extraordinary time in history. You can see many of these photographs in her book.

How did it feel to be the inspiration behind Such iconic love songs? Was it a burden to her? What was it like when she was no longer married to these men? We get the answers in the podcast, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it. She is quite a character, an absolute delight. 

Today, Pattie Boyd’s legacy continues to be celebrated. Her contributions to the worlds of music and art, both as a muse and as an artist in her own right, remain iconic. Her impact on the songs and images that have defined generations of music lovers is a testament to the enduring power of creativity and inspiration. 

We ask people to share with us their challenges and their inspiring stories, hoping that through their struggles, they help not only themselves, but all of us. Mental health and wellness are fundamental aspects of overall well-being. Prioritizing mental health involves acknowledging the importance of emotional resilience and psychological balance in our lives. It encompasses practices such as self-care, stress management, and seeking professional support when needed. Nurturing mental wellness enables us to cope with life’s challenges, build stronger relationships, and embrace a more positive outlook on life. It’s about recognizing that mental health is JUST AS CRUCIAL as physical health, and the two are interconnected. By destigmatizing mental health discussions and cultivating a culture of empathy and support, we can collectively foster a community where individuals can thrive mentally and emotionally. 

With The Style That Binds Us, you will always be an insider. Being accepted and included brings a profound sense of belonging and connection. We strive every day to make you feel heard and understood and accepted, just as you are. We believe that being an insider brings the comfort of knowing you are part of something greater than yourself, where you can contribute your unique perspectives and talents while also receiving support, friendship and encouragement. The Mini Mag is a place to come together and share ideas, suggestions, and stories. The Style That Binds Us needs your help. Whenever you think of a topic that you’d love us to delve into, you have a fashion question you would like to see answered, you just listened to the most amazing song or read an incredible book, please share it with us. This way it’s a two-way street, this mini mag we are creating. Inspiration, entertainment and education are the goals for this magazine, but bringing us all together is the main point. 

Through the mini mag, we hope to expand your horizons, and in doing so, fuel your personal growth and perspective on life. We encourage different perspectives. Our founders are from two different generations, bound as mother and daughter, but with their own opinions, interests and concerns. By venturing beyond the familiar, we open ourselves to new experiences, cultures, and ideas. Knowledge and curiosity enhance our perspective and even our resilience, helping us navigate our ever-changing, chaotic world. It encourages us to have empathy and tolerance, as exposure to diverse viewpoints and backgrounds enhances our understanding of others. Ultimately, it empowers us to lead more gratifying lives, with a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry that is our world.

The mini mag helps you explore it all.

Read the September Mini Mag:

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