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The joys & frustrations that come with midlife

Sep 16, 2020

In our latest episode on The Style That Binds Us Show, Celebrating Life After 40 edition, Alison speaks with Kerry Schrader who is the Co-Founder & CEO of Mixtroz. This insightful & lighthearted conversation discusses everything from how your relationship changes when you’re working with your mother/daughter, importance of HR, what it was like working as a woman of color in a male dominated field, black lives matter, interracial relationships, and so much more. Kerry is a font of knowledge and gives great advice! Kerry has more than 25 years’ experience positively impacting the human assets of large companies including Ford, Alcoa, and Sears Holdings Corporation & has her MBA. Kerry and her daughter are only two of 40 black females to close a $1 million in seed funding. She is VERY impressive, & we can’t wait for you to learn all about Kerry & Mixtroz.

Want to learn more about Mixtroz? Here is a link to our podcast episode with the mother daughter co-founders!

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