Two women walking down the street in Manhattan: both with brown hair - one wearing a trench coat and has a grey & yellow crossbody bag with black jeans and black wedges; the other wears a black trench coat over a white tea, black jeans and black wedges. They both have on sunglasses

What you don’t learn in college… College is a phenomenal experience since you are surrounded by intellectuals & have lots of stimulating conversations. Imperative topics are learned & discussed in the classroom, but you also learn A LOT on the job. The classes give you a fundamental knowledge that you can apply to your tasks […]

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Girl working on her laptop wearing a tie-dye tank and talking on the phone

Will I be an assistant forever? I gave myself specific timelines as to how I thought my career would play out would play out. However, once my job began, I realized there is SO MUCH to learn! I hit the ground running, asking as many questions as possible, taking non-credit courses and soaking everything up […]

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Woman walking across the street in Manhattan with a taxi cab and Asian boy behind her: she wears a sleeveless black turtleneck, a camel midi skirt, pink & gold wedges and a pendant necklace. She is looking at her iPhone and has brown hair

Have you ever thought this to yourself? I certainly have!! After a few years into my career, I began thinking, what’s next?! In speaking to my friends, I felt a great sense of relief that I was not the only one having these thoughts. For the first 22 years, your life is blocked into specific […]

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