Mother and daughter holding skincare products in a beauty store: they both have brown hair. One wears a sleeveless black dress and the other wears a black blazer with a leopard print button down underneath

Delia’s Skincare & Makeup Routine I started my career working on the buying team at Barneys New York. I had already been a beauty junkie, but this took it up several notches! Due to this, I started getting LOTS of different products to try, learning about new brands, adding steps to my routine and more. […]

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Woman sitting at a table wearing a black sleeveless dress, holding an iced coffee

10 things I do before work I recently found myself often stating the phrase, “It’s rather insane” to describe certain things or situations. Mornings before work are a busy time, especially since you have a deadline as to when you must arrive. Below are 10 things that are a must for me before arriving at […]

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