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Morning routine ideas

Nov 5, 2017

10 things I do before work

I recently found myself often stating the phrase, “It’s rather insane” to describe certain things or situations. Mornings before work are a busy time, especially since you have a deadline as to when you must arrive. Below are 10 things that are a must for me before arriving at work

1. Eat breakfast: Peanut or almond butter sandwich on Ezekiel Bread if working out, Acai Bowl if not

açaí bowl with goji berries, almond slivers, chia seeds, blueberries with a spoon on a wooden table with blueberries on the table

2. Workout: Sweating out the stress is a must for me to start off my day. Workout classes are my go-to

three people (two women: one with brown hair and one with blonde hair) in 80s workout outfits

3. Shower

4. Check the weather: Base outfit off sun, snow, rain, etc. Always prepared with an umbrella!

5. Get ready: here’s a link to my skincare & makeup routine with shoppable links

6. Read The Skimm

7. Read Business of FashionWWD, and other industry newsletters

8. Check work emails to ensure there aren’t emergencies

9. Pack your lunch: mine usually consists of some type of yogurt bowl or overnight oats

10. Caffeine: tea, matcha or coffee!

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