Two white women with brown hair walking on a bridge in Paris

Thank you to Juliet Hahn for having us on your podcast, Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. During the episode, Juliet asks us questions like: Will you share your story with us about how you followed your passion and turned it into a business? What did […]

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Two brown haired women smiling and looking at the camera in front of One World Trade

We were SO excited to speak with the mother daughter duo, Diane Danvers Simmons & Natalie Simmons, behind the Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered Podcast about what fashion will look like post-COVID! We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with them and have so many similarities about working in a mother daughter business, which you’ll get the scoop on […]

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Two women sitting: one wearing a printed coat and white silk cami, the other has brown curly hair and is wearing a black spaghetti strap dress

Why we call each other Bebe Did you know we have a nickname for each other?! In our latest video on YouTube, we tell the story of how we started to call each other Bebe. Let us know what nicknames people call you or you call others!!

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