Woman with brown hair wearing a white shirt putting on makeup

It is time for a makeup update! Have you been using the same makeup to create the same look since…..FOREVER? If your answer is yes, then it’s probably time for a “shake up”! WHY? Over time, our skin tones change slightly due to age, sun damage, etc. Also, makeup formulation changes; for example, the concealer that Alison had trusted and […]

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Woman in central park wearing a brown coat

Get national wardrobe consultant & stylist, Alison Bruhn’s, makeup routine Quite frequently these days, I am asked about which makeup brands I like. I decided to create a shoppable list of what I am currently using, in hopes that it might help you in your quest for the perfect look too! This is a bit […]

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Woman in a beauty store wearing a black blazer with a pink and red sweater underneath holding glasses. She has brown hair

Alison’s Makeup Routine Here are all the products that Alison uses in her makeup routine! Head to her Instagram to watch her IGTV video as she walks you through the products & her routine. These pictures are shoppable in case you want to try any of them! One item missing from the below: cheeks! Some […]

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