Ageless Glowing Makeup Tutorial

Dec 23, 2021

This past week, the legendary makeup artist, Sandy Linter, asked me to go live with her on New Beauty magazine’s Instagram to create a holiday look when “you’re not 20 anymore”, as Sandy says! She also says about all the work she does, that really anyone at any age can create the looks, they are truly ageless- it’s all about glowing skin and self-confidence!

If you don’t know anything about Sandy yet, watch our video with her to learn about her incredible career, her nights spent at Studio 54 and her days spent on Vogue photoshoots with iconic photographers and supermodels. Check out her Instagram too! She still works with Christie Brinkley and others regularly today.

Sandy answers my questions, such as, Can you wear shimmer eyeshadow at any age? How do you create an eyelid when your eyes have changed as you age, and you’re not ready or will not ever consider having an eye lift, and so on.

Whenever I watch her work, I always learn something new, and that is the point of sharing this video with you. If you have any questions about her technique, how you could have a makeup lesson with her, or questions about the products she uses during our video, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

The mission of The Style That Binds Us is to encourage you to live your most stylish and fearless life. Yes that is a tagline, but we mean every single word. There is no age at which you should stop feeling beautiful! I say let’s glam it up for the holidays, even if we’re celebrating them at home!

We used all Tom Ford products, which are expensive, because they had just gifted them to her, so let us know if you’d like some lower priced suggestions as well!

Products used in the tutorial

*(Make sure to select the right color!!)

Alison Bruhn


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