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Reconnecting with my younger self, meet little Delia!

Feb 25, 2023

Reconnecting with your younger self at various times throughout your life is imperative and key to ensuring you never lose yourself amidst the craziness of life. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in your day-to-day, what culture/society tells you to do and when and/or lose sight of yourself through your career or relationships. If you’re feeling something is a bit off or that you are losing your way or not feeling like yourself, tapping into who you were as a child is a great place to start.

For those who met me in college or later, you may not know that I was a fearless tomboy with boundless energy growing up. There was not a swing-set I wouldn’t climb, dirt I wouldn’t dig in, ladybug or roly-poly I wouldn’t watch in awe, book I wouldn’t read, song I wouldn’t sing & dance to at the top of my lungs, play I wouldn’t produce & perform, etc. Here are some words I would use to describe myself as a child:

  • Bold
  • Independent
  • Brave
  • Charismatic
  • Fearless
  • Joyful
  • Energetic
  • Active

All of these characteristics are still a part of my personality today, and ones if I’m feeling tired, self-conscious, wondering which direction to take, sad, lost, etc., I should revisit. These personality traits are crucial in making sure I am not holding myself back & that I am acting as my true self, which is especially important when as an entrepreneur, you constantly have to put yourself out there.

In writing this, I hope it encourages you to go through this exercise as well. Tapping into the personality of yourself as a child is a phenomenal way to remember or better understand the characteristics and personality traits that make you you. Once you determine what they are, never let them go!! The world is rich due to the fact that every single person is unique and brings something different to the table. It would be SUCH a boring place if we were all the same, SERIOUSLY!

Discovering & celebrating that uniqueness & sharing your gifts with the world is a key component to living a joyful & fulfilling life. This is the you before you learned how to act from watching & listening to others as well as how society & culture seeps into your subconscious teaching you what you should be, the definition of beauty, how you should act, etc. I hope this exercise gives you clarity & makes you feel free.

As a part of this exercise, I put together a playlist of songs I loved growing up, which is a great way to reconnect with your younger self. **If listening to songs, remembering memories, thinking of what you loved vs. didn’t like about your childhood, etc. dregs up old feelings you may or may not want to feel, that’s ok!! Tears, emotions, feeling, etc. are a part of the process. Try to allow yourself to feel them, let them pass, work through them, revisit them, etc. as you process, heal & discover this latest version of yourself. You are never alone, and can always call a family member, friend, therapist, etc. if you’d like to talk to someone. Revisiting the past to determine your future can be a challenging yet extremely fruitful experience as your childhood made you into the person you are today. You can listen to the playlist I made here.

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