NYC Stylist Alison Bruhn

NYC Stylist Alison Bruhn’s Styling Client Testimonials

Jul 8, 2019

Wondering what it is like to work with NYC Stylist Alison Bruhn? Hear from her styling clients below. Email to set up a discovery call!

  • “Thank you so very much for this incredible Lookbook and all of your insights!! This is what I’ve been wanting and needing for years!!! The prices are perfect and I love so many of your choices that I will be ordering a great many of them! Thanks a million, Alison! You are incredible!!!” – Heather
  • “Alison has impeccable taste and stays current on all the trends – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!” – Betsy
  • “Loved working with Alison! We cleaned out my closet and she found more appropriate styles for me. I have gotten compliments on every outfit she picked out. Many thanks for helping me feel more confident! Enjoyed the whole process and looking forward to next time” – Ashley 
  • “I am so excited to have Alison returning to my home this week to help me get ready for Spring! The main thing I love about Alison is all the things that I learn from her! I was expecting to just go over clothing, but we measured for accessories like necklaces, and other items which looked best on my particular body shape. We talked about letting go of some jewelry items that are never worn (selling) and purchasing things that I will actually wear! Checked that off quickly with her recommendations on where to go! The best thing that happened was that she found at least 15 outfits in my closet that I would have never worn, or put together. That in itself put Alison at the top of my Go-To list!! I highly recommend Alison for all venues of styling. She is also an excellent personal shopper and helps me find great deals!!! Which helps with a house full of girls!! Thanks Alison Bruhn Styling!” – Lynn
  • “Alison has both the knowledge and an “eye” for fashion! She gave me both a body and color analysis. I now have the tools to make the most of my wardrobe, and I know what pieces to add as supplementation! She’s fabulous!!!” – Ellen
  • “She is wonderful at what she does. Professional, personal, passionate!!!” – Bradley  
  • “Let Alison into your closet & she will unleash her ability to organize a wardrobe. She will determine what is lacking & help you shop for it in an efficient manner.” -Margaret
  • “I needed help. My body shifted, and I had a closet packed with clothes yet nothing to wear. After months of dragging my feet, I called Alison and am over the moon glad I did. I loved working with her. She started by providing me with a body analysis, after measuring everything from my face to my waist. Alison helped me cull through my closet and determine what needed to go, what needed to be altered and what could stay- and how to wear it. Then she made a wishlist for me for items to be looking for. She even sent me links to various shopping websites. We created a photo album on my phone of me wearing different outfits for different seasons so that I can go back and see how she put everything together on me- from the clothes, the jewelry and accessories- down to the shoe and bag. The biggest blessing was that Alison and I started this process months before my son proposed to his now wife. So, I had a solid foundation upon which to shop for the wedding and a solid relationship with Alison. She went over and beyond in helping me find the perfect Mother of the Groom dress as well as the clothes for the whole wedding weekend. We went shopping together, and she helped me communicate with the seamstress concerning alterations. She even created a packing list for me since the wedding was out of town. Alison doesn’t push new purchases if you don’t need them. Her goal is to make you feel great – and confident- in what you are wearing accenting your positives and camouflaging your not so favorite body parts. Now, I feel confident in knowing what works for me and what doesn’t- she taught me so much!” -Kate 
  • “Working with Alison is a joy. She is a lovely, grounded person who is not only talented but she enjoys what she does. Today I call her a friend.” -Amy

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