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How to Leave Your Mark in any industry: interview with Aliza Licht

Feb 14, 2020


Sometimes the stars align at the right time, and good things happen. Such was the case when we met with Aliza Licht to talk about her legendary book, “Leave Your Mark”, the bible for how to handle the ups and downs of the working world. She teaches us how to build the perfect career & navigate the often treacherous waters of corporate culture. She has important advice about how to avoid the pitfalls of any industry, which could seriously sabotage your career, in many cases, before it has even begun. Aliza recently wrote another book, “On Brand: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception,” which we think you’ll enjoy as well!  


We are really happy to share our conversation with Aliza with you, (as we mentioned, she is the Founder & President of Leave Your Mark LLC) in our latest podcast episode. She has had an incredible career starting out in editorial at Marie Claire magazine, before moving to the flip-side, working in PR (public relations) at Donna Karan, where she created DKNY PR Girl, & alice + olivia. Listen to this episode with Aliza on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Yes! The remarkable thing about that story is how she hid it from everyone, even as it was becoming a wildly popular Twitter account; these were the early days of social media as we know it today, and she was most definitely an early adopter! There is so much to unpack in this episode, and we think you’re going to learn a lot that you can put to use immediately, not only in your career or when looking for a job, but also in your life in general. We would also highly recommend reading her book & listening to her own podcast, all of which are called, Leave Your Mark!! 

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