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How to come back after bankruptcy

Jun 9, 2019

Interview with jewelry brand & jewelry consulting firm founder, Tracy Matthews

Were you or someone important to you negatively affected by The Great Recession? Probably so, not many made it through those years unscathed. Our guest this week, Tracy Matthews, tells TSTBU how she built a highly successful jewelry design company, had to declare bankruptcy (thanks to the above referenced recession, because the stores that carried her jewelry collapsed financially), and bounced back to create a business that helps so many! This is a true success story about never giving up on what you are passionate about.

Tracy is the Chief Visionary Officer at Flourish & Thrive Academy and the host of the Thrive By Design Podcast. Delia was featured on the Thrive By Design Podcast to talk about how to get into luxury retail & again to discuss trends in jewelry. Tracy recently wrote a book called, “The Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Market with a Timeless Brand.” You can learn more about it in our recent IGTV video interview with her.

You will be inspired by her story, just as we were! Let us how you like this video, send us any questions you have for Tracy, and please send suggestions for future interviews and podcasts by responding to this newsletter, or in the comment section beneath the video on YouTube! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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