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Hair Accessories Are In!

Jun 30, 2019

Let’s Talk About Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are having their day in the sun… we are seeing them everywhere! If you are a fan, this is the trend for you! I have put together a shoppable Lookbook to show some of our favorites at different price points. I want to take it a bit further though, because it is one thing to like the idea of hair accessories, and another to know how to wear them in a current, modern way! I have created three categories:

   1. “Trending Now” for Super Fashionistas 

2.“Classic” for women who want to incorporate something “of the moment”, but in a more timeless way 

3.“Glam It Up” for special occasions 

Let me know what you think! Will you try this trend? If so, how will you incorporate it into your wardrobe? Retro style is what’s happening now in a big way, so think about how hair accessories were worn in the 60’s and 70’s, how you may have have worn headbands, headscarves and barrettes in the past; everything from the Hippie movement to Madonna in the 80”s to Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, to Kate Middleton; we’ve seen it all. A new addition is adding a bit of sparkle to your hair for a glamorous look at a wedding or dressy occasion- just a hint tucked behind the ear with a rhinestone or pearl bobby pin, a pearl embellished headband as seen at Prada, or a full rhinestone or crystal headband attached to a veil or worn like a tiara-it’s all on trend now!

Tip: Keep in mind your hair texture when choosing hair accessories. If you have fine, straight hair, will the barrette or scarf stay in place? If you have hair with texture, will the embellished bobby pin show? In the past, have headbands or scrunchees given you headaches when wearing for more than a few hours? Visualize what the item will look like in YOUR hair, not in the photograph. Also, a barrette or bobby pin placed behind your ear is a nice way to show off an earring that might otherwise be covered by your hair!

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