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Get Red Carpet Ready With Bella & Gigi Hadid’s Facialist!

Jan 29, 2023

We recently had a truly lovely & tranquil experience getting facials at Practise NYC with Kristyn Smith & her team. Some of Kristyn’s clients include the Hadid sisters, top models, makeup artists, editors-in-chief of magazines & more. Practise is known for helping to alleviate a variety of skin issues their clients face such as acne, rosacea, etc. The facial includes a relaxing & much-needed massage which has lymphatic drainage benefits. We are excited for you to meet Kristyn and learn about Practise in the Q&A interview below:

Will you tell us about Practise facials?

Practise NYC is a sanctuary that specializes in both modern & traditional approaches to skincare. Our treatments are educational and state-of-the-art, incorporating techniques that are quintessential for your skin, while approaching it from the point-of-view that vibrant, healthy skin is an augmented process. Our team of estheticians work with you about your specific needs and goals. Whether you are struggling with acne, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, fatigue, or simply want a better understanding of products, we are here to cultivate and upgrade your journey together. Most of our sessions will begin with a specialized consultation before customizing a specific treatment plan and follow-up to best serve you.

Do you have any advice for brides on pre-wedding skincare?

We recommend booking a treatment with us as far out from the wedding date as possible. During the first treatment we have a thorough consultation to discuss any concerns, address current skin care routine and come up with a timeline for treatments leading up to the big day.

How often should we get facials?

For most clients, we recommend every four-six weeks ideally.

How should we change our skincare regime for the frigid month of February?

We help our clients with a skin care routine based on their skin type and concerns. Some clients may need additional hydration for winter months. Using a humidifier (*Use code THESTYLETHATBINDSUS for 10% off) is a great way to combat the dry heat that leads to dehydration. Traveling with a hydrating mist is another great tip – we love the Palmarosa Revival Mist from Li Organics!

It is probably safe to say it is best to avoid any & all things trending on TikTok regarding medical aesthetics. Do you have any thoughts on this? Any medical procedures we should avoid?

Practise specializes in educational treatments incorporating quintessential techniques for the skin. Our team of estheticians wants to help develop that conversation for our clients about their specific needs and goals. Most of our sessions will begin with a specialized consultation before customizing a specific treatment plan and follow-up to best serve the client.

Any pre-event skincare tips?

We specialize in pre event treatments that focus on hydration and incorporate lots of LED and nourishing massage. We also recommend microcurrent treatments for targeted muscle stimulation leading up to events. The toning and lifting results last up to five days. *Gigi Hadid got ready carpet ready for The Met Gala at Practise NYC!

How do you select the brands/products/devices you use during your facials?

Founder Kristyn Smith curates the professional range of quality, approved products. 

How have you incorporated what you learned from studying reflexology, aromatherapy, nutrition, gua sha, and herbology into your facials?

Depending on the client and their needs and lifestyles, we will recommend the usage of different tools and techniques. 

What have you learned from your celebrity clients?

We treat all clients the same, curating a skincare regime and plan for their specific skin – every Practise client is VIP in our eyes! Our celebrity work has really perfected our pre-event recommendations for clients as we have extensive experience with red carpet prep. 

How does Practise give back?

Kristyn and Practise founded 0303, a foundation providing accessible, healthy skin education as well as healing products for those who may not have access to such resources. Unfortunately, we have noticed that the current beauty market does not educate its younger consumers (puberty level) on effective and affordable practices that treat problematic skin and believe it is imperative for skincare education and hygiene to start at a young age. Our hope is that by providing the right information and the right product we will help to improve both the physical and mental wellness of the next generation.

What are your tips for achieving healthy, glowing skin?

At Practise, we really like to emphasize that a practice is a ritual that is repeatedly performed in an effort to improve or maintain proficiency. We use this ethos to promote and share education for developing healthy skincare practices, products and routines to ensure healthy skin as part of your specific lifestyle, diet, etc. 

What’s next for you?

Kristyn is very excited to expand the 0303 Foundation while continuing to serve clients at Practise. 

Where can people find you?

Here’s a link to our website & our Instagram.

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