Picture of the duomo in Milan

How to dress like a chic Italian

Sep 30, 2018


Have you ever been to Milan? We had been to other parts of Italy, but never Milano, and fell in love with the people, joie de vivre, architecture and food, oh and there’s the fashion…..! We could not get over the style, not only the “street style” of those participating in fashion week, but almost everyone in Milan is seriously chic: the women on their way to work on their Vespas, wearing a skirt, heels and a helmet, with a scarf blowing in the wind, and the men are equally as chic, even the tourists at museums, restaurants, etc. are glamorous!

You will not see anyone in what appears to be pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt and flip-flops here. At their most casual, they wear skinny dark jeans, dark tee or sweater, and pumps or booties and sunglasses, very polished and sophisticated in a relaxed way. They are not super flashy; they don’t need to be!

We discovered two very exciting new brands, practiced our italian, and of course, endulged in some Italian cuisine…magnifico! To find out more details about our experience, watch the video, because, who knows? You may find yourself heading to Milano just as we did! Ciao!

Alison + Delia


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