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Conscious Beauty Favorites for Spring Summer 2021

May 22, 2021

We are so excited to share some of Jazmin Alvarez from Pretty Well Beauty’s current conscious & clean beauty favorites for Spring Summer 2021! Learn more about Jazmin and conscious beauty in this IGTV video!

Pretty Well Beauty is a clean beauty & wellness destination. They have very high standards for what is considered clean, so we appreciate this trusted source if you’re looking to buy clean beauty products.

Qasil leaf + aloe deep cleansing powder

This 3-in-1 powder to foam cleanser is great to help sooth inflamed skin, brighten the complexion and leaves the skin feeling soft. Can be used as a cleanser, exfoliator and a mask.

Hair Serum

5 ingredients, multiple uses for all hair types. This serum tames frizz, protects from heat, and delivers shine and moistures to the hair. Just 2 to 3 drops is all it takes, a couple more if your hair is longer and/or thick.

Coffee scrub with lemongrass 

Helps to slough off winters dry dead skin revealing smooth and hydrated skin. The coffee boosts circulation reducing the appearance of pesky cellulite. Also the smell of coffee of a great day to start the day!

Lip to lip balmies cotton candy skies 

This trio can be used on the lips, cheeks and eyes. The first ever zero-waste multi use makeup product pulls triple duty that not only enhances your natural beauty but nourishes the skin.

Devine body oil 

This is the best dang body oil you’ll ever smell, hands down! This luxurious blend of real Egyptian honey and Madagascar vanilla is both warm and sensual and imparts the most beautiful glow without any oily residue behind.

Protect + revive moisturizer

Protects the skin from harmful city pollution and environmental stress. Rich in soothing and nourishing antioxidants, this light weight moisturizer is perfect as we transition into spring. It brightens the skin and helps fight inflammation. 

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