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Celebrating Life After 40 July Issue

Jul 21, 2021

Who will you be? Where will you go? What will you wear?

Happy Late summer! Can you believe it’s almost over? I’m still in the process of trying to assimilate what has happened to us and our world in the last year and a half (which feels like a decade!), do you agree?

Coming out of the pandemic experience, several publications have asked me to write about what fashion will look like going forward, what a modern workwear wardrobe will look like, and so on. There is also much discussion about who we are now after this experience, will big changes be made, will we live more intentionally, or will we quickly fall back into the same patterns?

As far as what we will be wearing going forward, I think we will see a blending of comfort and style. *Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a few things I have my eye on (you can also shop by outfit by clicking on the orange squares throughout the post)*. I am currently looking for pieces that are multi functional and lean towards timeless. 

As far as my daily uniform for fall, I am still drawn toward blazers and jeans. This look works well for me, because longer blazers cover my bum, and partially cover my tummy after a summer of ice cream indulgence! I’m going to choose softer fabrics though. Blazers that I can push the sleeves up on, that aren’t too heavy, too uptight or “business-y”.  I’ll have sneakers, booties and my trusty black suede pump at the ready. We can discuss fall more later!

I highly encourage building a transitional wardrobe, especially if you live in a climate in which warm temperatures stick around for much of the fall. I especially love lightweight pants and tops in warm earth tones with sandals.

A slip dress is a must but can’t be too clingy, and I will always have a cardigan or blazer to throw over my shoulders. Easy pieces with understated drama of good quality- that’s my goal, what about you?

I have enjoyed talking recently with women on The Style That Binds Us podcast who are similar in age to me or a little older, as I  am surrounded in the fashion industry by those much younger most of the time. Here are two of my favorites: Ippolita and Lyn Slater.

Lyn Slater

I highly encourage you to listen to the stories of these two remarkable women! It is my belief that they will delight and inspire you to live life to its fullest at any age! 

Until next month, keep celebrating life after 40!

Alison Bruhn


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