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Brand To Know: Abbey Glass

Mar 26, 2023

Looking for a super feminine, classic, elegant & timeless brand to add to your wardrobe? We are excited to introduce you to Atlanta-based designer, Abbey Glass in this Q&A interview! *Scroll to the bottom to discover & shop our favorite styles from Abbey’s collection.

What led you to start Abbey Glass?

I started Abbey Glass after custom dressmaking for years! I had so many women coming to me looking for classic, yet playful pieces in luxe fabrics. Some of the pieces I made for custom clients from the beginning still influence the line today.

How would you describe the Abbey Glass girl?

A leading lady, classic, feminine, intentional, tailored, confident, smart, playful, balanced, poised, and polished.

What is Abbey Glass known for?

We are known for classic, feminine silhouettes in playful luxe fabrics.

Congratulations on your Atlanta, GA store! Tell us all about it.

Thank you! We relocated to a store 3 times the size of our previous retail space. We now have ample room for new products and local events for our community to engage together and with our brand.

Walk us through the design process.

I am always gathering inspiration and working on design. We are in the process of working on an influencer capsule collection and it’s been very collaborative from the prints to the styles. We design most of our own fabrics, so we start there and let the fabric take us where it wants to go. Sometimes we repeat styles and use new fabrics, but often times we have to adjust or update the silhouette to work perfectly for the new print or weight of the fabric.

Congratulations on building a successful business in a crowded market! What actions did you take that led to this growth & allowed you to stand apart from other RTW brands?

Wow, thank you! It really is crowded, but I like to think we do some things differently that make us stand out. We are focused on creating modern dressed up pieces that stand the test of time and trend. I think a lot of brands get caught up in being trendy, but we want our customers to have longevity in their wardrobe so we tend to hop in longer, major fashion waves and stay away from micro trends. Also, we are selling attainable luxury, so our fabrics are designer grade but the prices will make you rethink the markup on some brands.

What does a day in the life of Abbey Glass look like?

It’s always different, I wear many, many hats. But I like to focus time each week on looking at where we’re going in the long term, spending time engaging with our local community, having lunch with interesting people I think I can learn from, and making sure my team feels appreciated and supported. Also, I’m always working on something new for next season, design is always present.

What have been some bright spots about COVID that forced you to think in creative & new ways or pivot that have been helpful to your business?

Covid was a time to restart, learn from some amazingly smart people who wanted to help young entrepreneurs get through the tough time, and focus on defining our mission as a business.

Congratulations on being a 2020 Tory Burch Foundation fellow! What were some of your biggest takeaways from this experience?

This program has been one of the most important achievements and experiences of my career. I have this amazing, supportive community around me I can’t say I’ve had in this way before. I’m learning from each and every one of the women in my cohort and inspired by the leadership of the foundation.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs? 

It’s ok to fail, and be iterative when you can. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

What’s next for you?

Big things! We have just launched Spring and we have a knockout lineup of events in Atlanta and beyond this season!

Where can people find you?

Find us on Instagram at @shopabbeyglass

Discover & shop our current favorite styles from Abbey’s collection:

The Style That Binds Us


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