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Bathing suit coverups for women over 40

Apr 16, 2023

As we move into swimsuit season, we all know what that means…. we look at our daughters or younger women, and remember what it was like to have that taut, flawless skin. The last thing we want to do is feel bad about ourselves, or to miss out on the joys of summer. What is better than cooling off in a swimming pool or dipping into the ocean? These days we have the added complication that so many swimwear lines are cut smaller, exposing even more skin, which in my opinion only looks good on little girls on a Coppertone suntan lotion billboard!

In this spirit, I’ve put together a diverse selection of coverups- different styles, different colors, different price points, that can give added coverage without added warmth for different parts of the body- upper arms, tummy, legs, or all the above! You can easily throw it off to hop in the pool, wear it walking around and eating lunch poolside, getting on and off a boat etc. You are actually upping your style factor , going from simply wearing a bathing suit to creating a complete look, while adding coverage and feeling more comfortable and self confident at the same time.

Alison Bruhn


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