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How to fall asleep

Mar 12, 2017

Here are 8 ideas to help you fall asleep:

Sleep is crucial, but difficult for me to settle down and have a good nights rest after getting home from a full day of work and attending an after-work event. I’m still keyed up and thinking about my day, what’s on my to-do for tomorrow & rest of the week. However, if I don’t sleep well, the next day will be more challenging & not as productive. Below are 8 ways I try to unwind to ensure I can get a full nights sleep:

  1. Catch up with family members/read personal emails on the way home to take your mind off work-related topics
  2. Listen to calming music (my go-tos are Michael Bubl√© & Norah Jones)
  3. Take several deep breaths
  4. Have a cup of decaffeinated tea
  5. Take a shower, followed by a relaxing skincare routine
  6. Read for at least 15 minutes before turning out the light (something not pertaining to a career)
  7. Put lavender oil on your pillow
  8. Work as hard as you possibly can to shut out thoughts of work/stress/to-do lists

Calming beauty products are always a great option as well. Clickable links below!

Drink some Dream Dust from Moon Juice

Use the Foreo while cleansing with Midnight Recovery Oil since the vibrations from the Foreo are calming

Linda Rodin recently launched her second scent of Face/Body Oil: Lavender, which is perfect for sleep

Lastly, Slip Pillowcase & Sleep Mask is the way to go for the most luxurious sleep experience

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