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How To Get Out The Door Quicker In The Morning

Dec 12, 2016

Want to set yourself up for success each day by having a calm and peaceful morning instead of a completely stressful scramble? Here are my top tips on how to get organized in advance to avoid being late.

  1. Plan your outfit head to toe the night or weekend before. This includes putting it on with shoes & jewelry to ensure you are happy with the look. Lay it out with all necessary pieces (even undergarments!). Iron/steam/lint roll as well. This way, you don’t have last minute outfit changes and can throw the perfect look together quickly
  2. If you bring your lunch to work, prepare it the night before
  3. Make your breakfast the night before (if possible) as well. I work out in the morning and am super crunched for time, so every second counts!
  4. Discuss your morning schedule with your roommates in order to coordinate shower time, etc.
  5. Set time deadlines for yourself during the getting ready process (i.e. by 8am my hair should be done, 8:15am makeup done, etc). Keep track of how you are performing, and speed things up if it’s getting close to your leave time
  6. If you’re changing bags, put everything you need in the bag the night prior
  7. Charge your phone during the night
  8. Eat breakfast while getting ready
  9. Get your routine down to a science, and make sure you know where all products are and out the door you go!

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