white woman with brown hair in 3 different fall looks

Wondering what to wear where this fall?! Here are some ideas we put together for you! Wondering what to wear to dinner or date night next weekend? This navy sweater adds a hint of sexy with the cutout & pairs perfectly with these eye-catching camel boots This quintessential fall weekend look is simultaneously comfy & […]

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Two women walking down a NYC street looking at each other & smiling wearing leather jackets

We made it to fall 2021! When the designers were designing their collections 6+ months ago, we all had such high hopes that fall 21 was going to be our big reentry into the world. Depending on where you live, this may or may not be the case, but at The Style That Binds Us, […]

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Photo of two white women's feet under the table wearing cowboy boots & green kitten heel

One super easy way to transition from summer into fall is through shoes. This is exciting for us, because The Style team ADORES shoes (we admit it might be a bit of a problem sometimes, but who can resist-wink wink?)! This year there are a HUGE number of possibilities and price ranges to choose from […]

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