Two women sitting at a restaurant drinking coffee: both with brown hair. One wears a leopard print short-sleeve dress, the other wears a black & white printed short-sleeve dress, both wearing sneakers

STYLE TIP OF THE DAY Think of the features on your face as a pattern that is completely unique to you.  SIZE MATTERS In reference to what size print you should wear, yes size does. You may not have ever thought about this before, but it’s the truth. Look in the mirror at your features […]

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woman wearing sunglasses, a yellow & black printed v neck dress and black pumps standing inside

Find The Right Print Size For You with our national wardrobe consultant! Have you ever put on a printed item of clothing and thought something was a bit off? It is easy to fall in love with a printed piece and buy it without considering if the print works with your shape. When choosing a […]

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