Two women sitting at a restaurant drinking coffee: both with brown hair. One wears a leopard print short-sleeve dress, the other wears a black & white printed short-sleeve dress, both wearing sneakers

Wondering which print size is right for you? Read + watch the video below to get the scoop. Styles from The Hub Today segment: STYLE TIP OF THE DAY Think of the features on your face as a pattern that is completely unique to you.  SIZE MATTERS In reference to what size print you should […]

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Woman cuffing her sleeve wearing a white & blue button down top & white jeans with brown hair standing in front of a clothing rack

Have you ever wanted to cuff a shirt, but not sure how to do it correctly? What about the half-tuck? Only tucking in some of your shirt to your pants. Are you doing this the right way? Do you need an extra button because your shirt is too low? How can we fix a gaping […]

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