Picture of three women. One wears a cowhide pattern jacket, another wears a black leather jacket and the last with curly hair wears a brown cropped leather jacket

Hello everyone! READY TO BE INSPIRED? The Style That Binds Us team is excited to bring our conversation with the designer Elizabeth Kuzyk, the Creative Director of KUZYK. When we decided to interview her, we knew we absolutely loved her jackets that are both timeless and super cool at the same time, but we had no […]

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Two women: one in a plaid suit and the other in a navy suit in London, both have brown hair

Season 2 of our podcast launch! We are so excited that Season 2 of The Style That Binds Us Podcast has launched! Have you listened to the first episode yet? We discuss what TSTBU is, why we started the business, what our background is, AND MORE! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. […]

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