woman sitting at a wooden table with lots of ingredients: making beauty products - she has long brown curly hair and is smiling

While visiting the CAP Beauty store, I was immediately drawn to the shelf by beautiful black bottles with gold writing. Once I arrived at the shelf, it kept getting better because the names of the products were playful and lighthearted. I went back to my office and immediately looked up the contact information for May […]

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Two women: one with brown hair wearing a white shirt and one with blonde hair wearing a blue shirt standing at a beauty store

CAP Beauty is a natural beauty store founded in February 2015 by Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima. They have been friends for over 20 years, and their prior career experiences & knowledge of the market led them to create CAP Beauty. This is a store filled with health and wellness merchandise including beauty products, a […]

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Picture with a yellow background with some bubbles and a lemon cut in half at the top right corner (only have the lemon shows)

Margo Marrone is the founder of the skincare line, The Organic Pharmacy. These products are wonderful, and it’s reassuring that you’re not putting anything toxic on your skin. Learn about her background and company below: Walk me through your career path.  My first job was in my local pharmacy at 15. I watched the pharmacist mix and […]

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