White girl with brown hair wearing a black turtleneck & grey jeans

Transitioning from college to the working world can be difficult. No one tells you about the long hours, the importance of keeping a positive attitude at all times, the exhaustion, etc. No task is too small and you should treat every task asked of you as the most important thing in the world, even getting coffee. Don’t […]

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Woman walking down the street in Manhattan away from the camera, but she has turned around: she is smiling, has brown hair, wears a blue, black and white top with feathers on the sleeves, black pants and black pumps

It can be a daunting decision to decide you want to work in the Fashion Industry. Growing up in the South and not going to a college dedicated to fashion, I did not have connections. Therefore, I had to be extremely proactive. I had to forge the way for myself. LinkedIn became my best friend, […]

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