Two women sitting on the beach wearing bathing suits and sun hats holding up books

A huge thank you to Allie Martin for having us on Selfish: The Podcast! You can listen to this episode here. In this episode, you’ll learn about: What is The Style That Binds Us? Why did we start TSTBU? How does Alison work with women to take the stress out of getting dressed? What is […]

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Two women sitting on a couch: they both have brown hair. One wears a black leather jacket with an orange top and booties. The other wears a navy top with jeans and orange pumps

The Style That Binds Us team was featured on Nicole Christina’s podcast called Zestful Aging. In this episode, we talk about what style means to us, how to develop your signature style, how to put together a mood board, and more!! Listen to our episode here.

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Woman wearing a black trench coat and an orange hermes scarf walking in central park in the fall

Words of Wisdom From A Stylist In our latest podcast episode part 1 & part 2, Delia (the daughter) interviews Alison (the mother), our highly, in-demand national wardrobe consultant & stylist. Delia asks about what Alison has learned along the way. You’ll learn about what to buy vs. not to buy (both for full-price and […]

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