Two women sitting on a sofa: they both have brown hair. One is wearing a teal turtleneck sweater and the other is wearing a black & gold stripe turtleneck

In our latest video, stylist, Alison Bruhn, walks us through how to get the PERFECT makeup bag for your purse. This way, you can freshen up during the day for instant glam! We also included shoppable items below of what’s in our makeup bag in case you’re missing something from your makeup kit. Want to […]

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Three women sitting on a couch: one wearing a plaid blazer with a black turtleneck and long pendant necklace, the other wearing a denim jumpsuit holding a book and the last wearing a navy blazer with a cream silk cami underneath. They all have brown hair

We Have The Inside Scoop On Beauty the French Way! Recently, The Style That Binds Us had the honor of having a conversation with Clemence von Mueffling, Founder of Beauty and Well-Being, about her book, “Ageless Beauty: the French Way: Secrets From Three Generations of French Beauty Editors”, and about growing up with a mother […]

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