Different colored gold statement earrings laying on a lavender purple background

We are excited to have Vanessa Landau who is the Co-Founder & CEO at LOVA by VL Jewelry on our podcast! We met Vanessa through Clemence von Mueffling who has been on our podcast. Before launching LOVA, Vanessa worked in marketing at Guerlain and Dior. We are obsessed with Vanessa’s statement earrings and cannot get […]

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Two women outside The Louvre: both with brown hair one wearing a white v-neck button down and the other wearing a black blazer with an orange pattern dress

One of the first questions we get asked when we tell people we started this company with our daughter (or mother depending on who is talking) is, “How lucky!! What is it like working together?!” In our latest podcast episode, we give you ALLLLL the details! This will be interesting if you’d like to start […]

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woman sitting on red stairs wearing a camel colored sweater and rust colored skirt. She is crossing her legs and has brown hair

In our latest podcast episode, Alison talks about how she launched her styling business after 50. We hope you’ll get lots of great tips and inspiration! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Think after a certain age it is too late? Think again! Do you know deep down what you’d like to […]

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