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How to choose the name for your company

May 15, 2018

How We Chose The Name: The Style That Binds Us

This mother daughter duo, an in-demand stylist and a fashion buyer in the luxury space, have come together to bring their fashion lifestyle blogs to life. Learn how the name THE STYLE THAT BINDS US (TSTBU) came about, and subscribe to this new Youtube channel for weekly tips, trend reports, and interviews behind the scenes of the fashion world and beyond!

What’s The Style That Binds Us?

We started out having separate blogs, but later decided we’d be stronger together. Therefore, we wanted to launch our company The Style That Binds Us as a mother daughter duo! Have you ever thought about working with your mother or daughter? What would that be like? Is that a dream or nightmare for you? At the end of the day, family is family, & it can be refreshing & honest to go into business with someone who shares your blood.

We felt like we have access to the fashion & art world & we spend a lot of time keeping up with industry trends & trying to predict where the industry is heading. Also, Alison, being a wardrobe stylist understands the science behind dressing. Should we keep that knowledge to ourselves?! Heck no!!! We want to share everything we know with you!!

The fashion world doesn’t seem accessible to me…

We understand the fashion & art world can sometimes feel exclusive, opaque & like a club only a select few get to be a part of. However, we feel fashion is for everyone. We have to get dressed everyday, & we want to make this process feel a little more fun, powerful & stress-free. Enjoy!!

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